Some Saturday Music – A few One Hit Wonders

A lot of these performers had multiple albums – and some had some pretty good follow on music – but for the most part they had that one big hit that pretty much “defined” them. First up – ( and not in any particular order ) – Quarterflash . . . Bertie Higgins – WhatContinue reading “Some Saturday Music – A few One Hit Wonders”

The 80’s – What a Time !!

So many things in the 80’s were not just neat or cool  they became icons – MTV Phil Collins Miami Vice Phil Collins on Miami Vice and the theme from Miami Vice on MTV and pink flamingos Even today pink flamingos in your yard (the plastic ones not the real ones) are still really cool.Continue reading “The 80’s – What a Time !!”

Good Stuff Alert – Sipping Stuff !!

The regional chain grocery store that we frequent has a decent “liquor department” and they have “tastings” – these cute young girls work for the different distributors and give you sips of various carbonated and non-carbonated adult beverages . . . Makes grocery shopping fun !! I don’t remember HOW long ago I grabbed thisContinue reading “Good Stuff Alert – Sipping Stuff !!”

A Special Shout Out to my younger readers!!

Now kids I will admit that this adult shit ain’t ALL burritos and strippers BUT one of the neat things ( besides having your favorite burner on the stove ) is making your own sandwiches. . . Crunchy peanut butter – honey – bacon – banana – and nutella  on whole grain bread – GodContinue reading “A Special Shout Out to my younger readers!!”

The original episode of “The Flamingo Chronicles” including the never before seen opening panel

It started as any other day – morning formation – assignments – and George forgot the beer. And then .  . . Intruder Alert – Intruder Alert. Don’t worry everyone, we have him cornered! My God he’s quick! Look at him go – we’ll never catch up – sound the alarm and call out theContinue reading “The original episode of “The Flamingo Chronicles” including the never before seen opening panel”