What Happens When Ammo Burns?

The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI), the standards-setting organization for the industry, has provided this video to fire departments nationwide to help firefighters better address the realities of fires in which sporting ammunition is present. Burning ammunition is not an issue regardless of what snowflakes “feel” – although I have had people tryContinue reading “What Happens When Ammo Burns?”

“Elevator Hacking”

From the description . . . Throughout the history of hacker culture, elevators have played a key role. From the mystique of students at MIT taking late-night rides upon car tops (don’t do that, please!) to the work of modern pen testers who use elevators to bypass building security systems (it’s easier than you think!)Continue reading ““Elevator Hacking””

A Pair of CZ97 BD Videos for You – CZ is Good Stuff !!

The one big difference between Paul and Tim and yours truly ??? I have a HUGE grin on my face when I’m shooting my 97 BD . . . And one from Paul Harrell . . . And yes I know I posted the Paul Harrell video a while back – but it pairs soContinue reading “A Pair of CZ97 BD Videos for You – CZ is Good Stuff !!”

Flight without a Fin – or can you say : OH SHIT ?!

And anytime you think you’re having a bad day at work – this was a practice session for an airshow !! Kinda like watching a slow motion train wreck . . . If you watch it close enough you can see a couple of hatches blow but the ejection seats don’t clear the aircraft .Continue reading “Flight without a Fin – or can you say : OH SHIT ?!”

“A Hazy Shade of Winter” – Now what to do??

When it is nasty and cold and you just don’t want to get out side – What to do??? I know !! Hmmm . . . 3000 plus rounds of 5.56 – stripper clips – some empty mags – cardboard sleeves – a new Caldwell loader to play with – I believe brothers and sistersContinue reading ““A Hazy Shade of Winter” – Now what to do??”