Good Stuff Alert – Sipping Stuff !!

The regional chain grocery store that we frequent has a decent “liquor department” and they have “tastings” – these cute young girls work for the different distributors and give you sips of various carbonated and non-carbonated adult beverages . . .

Makes grocery shopping fun !! I don’t remember HOW long ago I grabbed this – found it under the cupboard looking for something else and broke it out for after dinner on Thanksgiving. Really GOOD flavor – tends to burn a little on the way down – but damn nice flavor and taste !!


After a closer look at the label I can wrap my head around the burn – 61.7% by volume – that is 123.4 proof – OH MY GOODNESS – but it sure is good!! – LOL


Enjoy the Holiday Season – Stay Safe – and TRY to stay relatively sane !!

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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