Buying a stairway to Heaven

What a piece of Shit . . .

Welcome to a frightening look into a luciferian mind . . .

here are several articles to read and think through for your weekend . . .

First this – Michael Bloomberg Is Sure He Has A Spot In Heaven from HUFFPOST

Then this – Rev. Mark H. Creech on Can Michael Bloomberg Earn His Way Into Heaven? from BCNN1

And this – Michael Bloomberg’s Crazy Claim About His Afterlife Will Leave You Laughing from ThinkAmericana

And if those three don’t give you a genuine – eye opening come to Jesus What in the Fuck kind of drugs are these people ingesting??? moment this next one probably will . . .

Everytown Slams 2A Sanctuary Movement: ‘They’re Ripping Apart the Constitution’ from GunsAmerica

Please take the time to read – you can start here with WIKI then go to and peruse – these fucks ARE coming after YOU – and for them it is a holy cause – their mindset really reminds of the jihadist’s thought processes – except the want someone else to hunt you down and kill you – maybe they can work out a deal with the jihadist’s – they probably work a lot cheaper than pension whores – excuse me I mean police officers . . .

And remember – that 5000 + rounds of ammo you buy today may be needed tomorrow !

BLOATBuy Lots Of Ammo Today!!

I realize it is Friday and I wanted to do a Fanny Friday post but reality is kicking my ass and time is at a premium – will try to get one up tomorrow – meanwhile here’s a tease -Who’s a Good Boy??

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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