Bloomberg’s millions are sure being used well in Virginia – Look at the fine upstanding governor and legislature that it bought – filthy lucre = filthy purchase – can’t hardly get more filthy than ralph northam ( lower case intentional ) and his co-conspirators . . .

A couple of quick videos from Mrgunsngear channel . . .

This one is an interview with the president of VCDL ( you can find them here )– well worth your time . . .

Colion Noir has a decent channel here ( if you haven’t found it yet )


Try not to puke – I apologize for exposing you to the dishonorable adam schiff . . .

“You Should Go To Fuc*in’ Jail”: Chaos Ensues As Schiff Accused Of ‘Treason’ At California Event. . . A Glendale, California town hall event hosted by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) became less than civil on Saturday, after hecklers accused the House Intelligence Committee chairman of “treason” and being a “liar,” read the full article at Zerohedge.com . . . The meeting was to recognize that our lords and masters finally acknowledged the genocide committed by the the Turks against the Armenian people in their society in 1914-15 . . . How were the Turks able to do this you ask? They took their fucking guns away!!

Danger! – Sedition coming to a city or state near YOU!! Compliments of this fuck’s money!!


Don’t forget BLOATBuy Lots Of Ammo Today !!

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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