Found one in the wild!!


Ran across this at GGGPAWN (where else?? – LOL! )


I have been looking for a Rex Zero 1 CP for a while – had just about resigned myself to the fate of buying new. . . and here was this little homeless darling just pining away – neglected – abandoned – unloved – what could I do BUT buy it?

The Rex Zero 1CP ( compact pistol ) is a straight up run at a Sig P229R – With some changes – and in this particular instance change is good. At least IMHO .

Let us dive right in . .


There are differences  – the rearmost control is a safety – the center control is the slide release and decocker – and then the take down lever.

The safety – (for those folks that desire to utilize it) can be engaged and then insert your magazine – hit the slide release – chamber a round – carry locked and cocked – sweep the safety off and you have an excellent S/A trigger pull – this one breaks (crisply I will add ) at 4lbs 14 oz.


Or . . . with the safety engaged you can you can release the slide – then hit the slide release again – and decock the pistol – safety still on.


Sweep the safety – long but nice and smooth D/A trigger pull – 13 lbs worth but feels good because it’s smooth all the way through – you almost feel a slight stack at the end – but then it breaks – Bang! – slide cycles and you now have that excellent S/A trigger – sweet.


A peek at the under side of the slide showing the firing pin block – slide is machined from a solid block of steel.


A look at the frame with the mag in – the frame is machined from one block of 7075 aircraft grade aluminum – the locking block – controls – feed ramp etc are all steel  – you can see where the mag follower nestles right up to the the ramp – and this next pic shows the barrel ( the locking lug is not welded on but machined out of the same blank the barrel in made from and the barrel is cold hammer forged) The safety is ambi as well as the mag release – no need to disassemble and reassemble the magazine release – works left side / right side out of the box. Look at the second photo in this post – the magazine catch engages the front of the magazine – not the sides – the magazine catch is in the front of the the magwell and pivots forward and releases the magazine – from either side – out of the box – elegant solution.


One more difference between the Sig and the Arex – the AREX REX uses an internal extractor – the Sig uses an external extractor – I will try to get a post up this weekend about the debate between the two styles – I personally refuse to step of into that bucket of of chum  ( could not resist )– I will say this about the great debate  – properly designed – engineered – manufactured – and maintained there is just not enough difference for the “average” user to ever make any difference ( just saying that in some circles will land you in deep kimchi -LOL ) – you think the 9mm vs 45 debate is a sink hole – you have no idea !!!
I would not be surprised if wills have been changed – divorces – friendships ended – all over the debate over internal vs external extractors especially in 1911 platforms – LMAO

Was in the the process of trying to go 19 different ways at once and making a run ( LGS – 3 different pawn shops – grocery store run for dinner “stuff” etc etc ) when I ran up on the Arex – ran by the Inner10 and dumped 50 rounds through it on the way home to “function check” – just didn’t have time to wring it out – will pick up an extra 300 or 400 rounds of 9mm and run it hard and let you folks know how it shoots – if the first 50 are at all indicative – Arex has done one hell of a job with the REX line of pistols!!

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are  Cheap!!

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