Just south of Hattiesburg . . .

Met a brother doing some work on the lodge building . .


Brother Ray was dressing up the signage . . .

The lettering had been up for a while and was weathered – so a little refurbishing was in order . .

Better view(s) of the cornerstone . . .


The lodge is located on highway 49 south in Perkinston and was granted by The Grand Lodge of Mississippi Dispensation May 27, 1891. Chartered Jan. 1892. It was originally located across the road to the north – after almost a hundred years – the brethren decided it was no longer feasible to remodel and or refurbish – so the decision was made – build and move – so they did !


The brothers don’t much use the hanging sign any more – everybody pretty much knows when – what – the annual fish fry – degree work – stated meetings – Tuesday morning breakfast – kinda neat as they are a part of the local area – and yet they are also apart from the the people as well.

Was going to run back up from Dauphin Island for breakfast on Tuesday but just really didn’t want to do 85 miles one way for breakfast and ring bumping -LOL .

Have Fun – Run the Gun – and Fish Heads are Cheap ! – and take the time to trot your happy ass to Lodge!

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