Some Quality time with a couple of Glocks

Slipped out to the Inner10 and had a cup of coffee and made a bunch of noise . . .

I have to say – the Glock 22/31 – .357Sig – conversion in a Glock 22 is a really nice shooter – a lot more control than with the .357Sig conversion Shield . . .


And I will deny having ever said this to my 1911’s – I do like a Glock 21 as much as I like a 1911 – the only downside is the fact that the Glock 21 just doesn’t conceal quite as well as a 1911 – but I sure like the way they shoot!!


A pair of rapid fire 5 shot strings – .357Sig . . .


A pair of rapid fire 5 shot strings – .45 Glock 21 – climbed right up with that second string didn’t I??


And here are two mag dumps with the Glock 21 with a 40Super conversion barrel and a 24 LB recoil spring – I’m pretty sure that 13th round went low – by that time everybody was wondering just what in the wide, wide world of sports I was shooting – guy and gal were in the lobby signing in to shoot – wanted to know what kind of “rifle” was making that much noise in the lobby? – muzzle blast is – shall we say – a wee bit excessive ??


At just under 1 second splits – 5 shot strings are very controllable – shooting 135 grain Underwood Ammo rated at 1775 FPS – I firmly believe a double tap with this ammo would resolve just about any social work that needed resolution – and a 5 shot string would fill ‘er up, check the oil, and clean the windshield (watch at about the 4:00 minute mark) – LMAO!!


At just over a buck a bang I couldn’t care less – at almost a half ton of muzzle energy 40Super is a complete hoot!! I am finally going to order some Wolff extra strength magazine springs so I can shoot some strings with my 460 Glock – Heh Heh – talk about muzzle blast – Oh My!!

As I have told everyone again and again – Have Fun – you just would find it difficult to believe how many people get pissy when somebody is having a good time – and speaking of good times – my favorite season is just about upon us – AHHH – 2 foot of snow and I can crank up my 6000 LB – 10 MPG – big honking 4WD and smush gazillions of snowflakes just tooling down the street – try that in your fracking Prius!!

Run the Gun!! – Practice – Practice – Practice !!! And if you need some help getting started – or want to get to that next level . . .

And never forget – Fish Heads are Cheap !!

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