Arex REX Zero 1 CP – At the Range


Got out to the range and burned up about 200 rounds of Winchester White Box 115 grain ball – went through several targets – kind of a getting acquainted thing. Very impressive piece.


Dug the CZ 2075 RAMI out of the bunker – a closes match to the REX – the CZ is one very good shooter – The REX is right on the same page with it – I have put about 450 rds through the RAMI – I’m thinking some more quality time with the REX will pay real good dividends.


It’s not quite an apple to apple comparison – but close enough that the attributes of both play off of each other – the CZ handles like a small pistol ( I would hope so – it’s real close to a Glock 26 in size – LOL ) and shoots like a larger pistol – with the 14 round magazine ( gives you that longer grip ) almost feels like a Glock 17 – and to me a Glock 17 feels better than a Glock 19.

The REX has a larger grip that just has a good “natural” feel with a two handed grip – it handles like a small pistol and shoots like a full size pistol.

Will take some time to post about “grip styles” and how different sizes affect “the grip” and simply by paying attention you can take something you can’t hit anything with into a natural “pointer” just by altering your grip. Ergonomics  of a given pistol and how you interface with the pistol can and does make incredible differences. Maybe I can get Shawn to help with that post – he can explain that stuff a whole lot better than I can.

It was interesting shooting them side by side.


Even with the higher bore axis the Arex had less muzzle flip and perceived recoil than the CZ 2075 – the 4.7 oz heft over the CZ really helps with control-ability.

Is the Arex line of pistols worth buying into??  If you can conceal and handle that size size of pistol – Hell Yes!! Jacques shoots a lot – he owns a range after all ( damn I’m jealous – LOL )- His stand out comment was “That trigger is awesome” and yes the S/A trigger is that good.

Shawn Steiner was at the range and had a few free minutes – he shot the Arex and really liked the ergonomics – the pistol really “works” with a two handed grip. He found himself riding the reset a couple of times. Folks – the Rex just flat out runs.

The accuracy is dead on – and the accuracy potential is about off the scale – and this is a compact pistol with a 3.85 inch barrel.  I might have to nose around and try to find a deal on  a full size. Grabbed a shell for my Alien Gear IWB and it tucks the grip up against you and it is very easy to conceal.

I will have to do a few more side by side comparisons with different “stuff” – maybe get some different folks to try the REX – hmmmm . . .

And all y’all need to trot your happy ass over and check out the stuff at GGGPawn – Doug has some incredible deals on some really neat stuff!!

I try to keep these posts coming but real life sucks sometimes . . .

Remember – Have Fun – Run the Gun – and Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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