Welcome to The Twilight Zone – or where is Rod Serling when you need him??

That spot would be hard to see from 400 yards . . .

caesar richmond

The individual currently occupying and desecrating the governor’s office in Virginia wants a law that a new born would be placed on a table and then the mother and doctor would discuss whether or not the child would live or be terminated – Post Fetal Abortion – is ralphie a run of the mill democrat? – communist? – luciferian? – you decide – Democrat voters and every democrat candidate/office holder supports this – prove me wrong because I am still waiting for the FIRST one to condemn it – not a single one speaks out or switches party affiliation – NOT. A. SINGLE. ONE. !! The brother of the butcher is still the butcher . . .

The bumper stickers – T-shirts – and more available here @ uptomyassinbrass.com

boogaloo 2020

Even the yard gnomes around here are gearing up!! – and flamethrowers are available – try here – Classic Firearms – funny thing – they are selling out everywhere faster than they can stock them – a lot of folks must foresee a pesky weed problem coming this spring – just saying . . .

From Raconteur Report :

These Aren’t The Droids You’re Looking For

No points for guessing the life expectancy of that spiffy Honda generator in
combat once the range is hot in both directions. These things are going
to be worse in combat than Combat Barbies are, with a notably shorter
operational life expectancy. Well done, combat jedi drone masterminds.

In today’s post, John Wilder (whose blog should be your regular go-to, every time he posts, just because, unless you’ve already found too many blogs that are smart, funny, and true, all at the same time) links to and talks about the fapulations of some folks who think Droney the Drone will be the new shizznit when it comes to warfare.

We disagree with those self-serving Military Industrial Complex self-pleasuring prognostications.

Just a wee bit.

To wit:

Follow this to read the rest . . .

One of bloomies fucks . . .

Was that threat

Colion Noir rips communist bloomberg a brand new ass hole – so that means bloomie now has 3?? Himself and two others??

Just so you know – the tango with his hand to his ear is one of bloomies mercenary’s and there is a MINIMUM of five more looking all around . . . Just so you know . . .

Run across this – the first Twilight Zone . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – communists are infiltrating all levels of YOUR government as we speak – and Fish Heads are Cheap!

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