My Favorite Shield – It’s the .40 ( but it’s not )


Here’s the little darling – cute ain’t she? Wait just a minute Bruce –  how many barrels did it come with??


What’s with the extra barrel? Well . . . The Shield in 40 S&W is my favorite when you swap a conversion barrel from these folks into it and now you have a Shield in 357SIG – and I’m here to say that I was driving that Model A – no wait – I’m here to say that the conversion barrel turns a 40 Shield from a nice pocket gun into a nice fire breathing little beastie!! The 357SIG is quite a step up performance wise. Basically 357 magnum performance levels ( with 125 grain bullets ) without the bulk of a revolver!!

Side by side with a Model 10 – yea I know it’s a 38 Special but it’s a K frame and will work for size comparison!!


The Shield is thinner . . .


Shorter – not as long . . .


K frame 4″ in your front pocket – leaves something to be desired for concealed carry . . .


You have to look at least twice to realize there is something in the pocket . . .


Draw sequence showing kydex trigger guard “holster” – grabbed this one Inner10 – Jacques has several models at the store as well as on the web site – if I remember right it was 10 or 12 bucks . . .


Adds virtually no bulk to the pistol – securely cover the trigger guard – no fumbling to remove as it comes right off with the draw stroke – easy peasy – what’s not to like?? The Shield is a great little platform – 9MM – 40S&W – 45ACP AND 357SIG – magnum performance in a pocket pistol – 6+1 capacity ( and if it will fit in your pocket 7+1 ) is it any wonder Smith & Wesson has sold 3 million plus of these little darlings??

More stuff coming up – some out of the closet stuff – recipes – maybe a piece or two of milsurp – if all y’all knew how thrilled I am to have figured out this uploading pics issue – and I did it to myself trying to streamline the whole process a little – that is the funny part!!

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads  are Cheap!!

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