Recipe Review – Chicken and Rice with Cumin and Cilantro


Found this in the Sunday paper – Looked good – gave it a try…


Prep and cooking were pretty straight forward – You really need to appreciate cilantro if you follow the recipe as written – about 90% of the time I usually do follow a recipe as close as possible the first time and this just come across as too much cilantro flavor – If it gets made again – the cumin will go to 2Tbls – the cilantro will go to 3/4 Cup – the water will go to 3 Cups . . .

Overall –

Good looking in the pan and on the plate

Nice and easy to prepare

I believe that with a little more cumin and about 1/2 the cilantro it will be worth giving it another run . . . Attractive enough that it would be a “company coming over” meal – and easy enough to fix that your not bogged down in the kitchen . . .

Really neat dinner “stuff” is wonderful – but when you are hammered in the kitchen that just doesn’t leave much time for “elbow rubbin and ring bumpin” – and let’s be real – this recipe works good because the finish is pretty much “touch free” except the for the garnish and you can prep that ahead of time.

Okay – I will start posting some of my cooking “stuff” – you’re welcome ( you know who you are ! ) LOL

Have Fun – Run the Gun – and remember Fish Heads are not the only thing I can cook!

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