Rex Zero 1 CP – Revisited


Most of you remember this almost “ugly duckling from a prior post – well I shot it multiple times and every time more paint (not a factory coating ) would come off. I finally took it up to Jacques @ Inner 10 and had it cerakoted. I just couldn’t stand the splotchy paint job any longer.

Before – Left Side – you can see paint flaking . . .


After – Left Side – much more better . . .


Right Side – Before


Right Side – After . . .


Sure like the tritium night sights I had Jacques install – real sweet . . .


Added Talon Gripsavailable here – found that the smooth upper part of the grip panels ( you can see in the before photos ) are just too slick when you really run the pistol HARD – and I mean hard – it will just not quite bump fire  –  15 round mag in under 3 seconds and still put everything into an 8 inch circle at 7 yards – what an absolute hoot!! – I admit the Rex has replaced my Glock Brand Glock 17 as my favorite europellet flinging device – I carry the REX occasionally and don’t even think about the 2 round trade off -15 rds / Rex vs 17 rds / Glock.

The Talon Grips are an easy install – scrub everything good with rubbing alcohol – dry it good – warm the pistol up with a heat gun – peel and stick then hit it with the heat gun again – next time I do a set I will try to remember to get some pics . . .


Took my new do everything camera – by the time we got done scaring hell out of the chickens on the ranch and putting stuff away realized I never even took it out of the case – ran through about a 100 rounds of 45 and somewhere around 200 rounds of europellets (9mm) – it was good!

Got some recipe stuff coming and some out of the closet stuff  – have 8 or 9 drafts started – just need to get pics uploaded and stuck in the posts – did get time to grab a new T shirt –





Just throwing this out here for your viewing pleasure – enjoy!!


Just about every anti gun / seditious group in the country – pick one – Mothers demanding action – Illegal ( and convicted ) mayors against guns – damn near all of them – owe the fact that they exist – to this man and his money – the term you are looking for is “conspiracy to commit sedition” – control freaks – every damned one of them!

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary . . .

And with what the seditious politicians are doing in Virginia and elsewhere it may soon become a necessity – with sentencing enhancements for conspiracy to commit added 40 years doesn’t seem long enough – however if death occurs ( it has already happened Hello is anyone awake out there?? ) – the death penalty could reasonably be applied – folks, do your research – they are committing sedition!!

Have Fun ! – Run the Gun ! – and Remember – Fish Heads and ex-mayors suffering Napoleonic Complexes are Cheap!!

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