Friday Night Music

A little something to listen to while you’re watching it snow . . .

This next group needed a new lead singer after this hit – they took a chance with what was basically an unknown kid – that was a pretty decent soccer player among his other talents – but first – here’s Small Faces with their 1967 hit “Itchycoo Park” . . .

And now a couple with their new lead singer . . .

And I ran across this video – had to stick it in here . . . from 1971 . . .

And when everybody is done fighting snow – kids – dogs – cats – chickens – etc. and you snuggle up under the blankets – put this on – just don’t name the result after me – here you go – 2 hours worth of Barry – and a few things to ponder before you do all that baby making snuggling stuff – if you thinking about all this stuff under the blankets listening to Barry – you might not be quite right!!

  1. Barry was awarded 112 gold albums and 58 gold singles by 18 different countries.
  1. He was the sole songwriter of his songs, both lyrics and melodies, unlike today’s best selling artists.
  2. He also produced, arranged, and performed his own music.
  3. He had 20 albums that each sold at least one million copies worldwide.
  4. He had 11 singles that each sold at least one millions copies worldwide.
  5. Despite his chronic obesity, women considered him a sex symbol.
  6. At age 11, he played the piano on the 1956 Jesse Belvin hit single, Goodnight My Love.
  7. While in prison for tire thefts, Barry heard the Elvis Presley song “It’s Now Or Never” on the radio, which he later credited with changing his life.

Have Fun! ( but don’t name the kid after me! ) – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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