Random Friday


It has been just over 30 years since I stopped watching the big 3 networks – Sweet Jesus people – Why in the fuck do you think it is called television programming?? – the Americans Broadcasting Communism network is probably the most refined of the three in their broadcasting of soviet agitprop – actually more refined than TASS – Here’s a hand gesture for you George . . .


Fuck you George!! – I know you won’t read this because your owners would not allow it but I put it here for the humans that read this blog . . .

Damn Bruce !! Yeah I Know – How about a couple of titty pics to lighten this up?? Okay – you talked me into it!!

I feel better already!!

This next one – I don’t make this shit up – I just find it and put it out here for YOU!!

Reminds me of a story related to me from decades ago involving site security ( Wackenhut ) and the search for the “Phantom Shitter” – it was all pretty much fun and games – even the full Colonel who had a note and calling card left on his desk saw the humor in it – wasn’t thrilled but saw the humor. When everyone came back to work on a Monday morning and a note and “calling card” was found on the cab seat of the little electric train at the hole ( used to move people and equipment laterally in the tunnel in and around the shot chamber ) – The. Shit. Hit. The. Fan. – Literally every alphabet soup agency became involved – NSA on down – as far as I know “the Phantom Shitter” at The Nevada Test Site was never found – LMAO !!

With that let’s bring this to an end . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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