Good Stuff Alert – No Effort Pot Roast or How to Learn to Stop Worrying and Love Your Crock Pot!!

The Cisco Kid ( NO – Really – his name is Cisco ) works the opposite end of the week from me – only see him for about 30 minutes or so once a week – and he gave me a recipe for a crock pot roast that is just simply the bomb!!

2 1/2 to 3 lb chuck roast

1 package ranch dressing / dip – dry mix ( you can use the bulk – just use 3 Tablespoons

1 package Au Jus mix

1 stick butter – salted or unsalted – cut up into 8 or 10 pieces – goes on top of roast last

1 jar – drained – pepperoncini

Roast goes in the crock pot

Ranch dressing on roast

Au Jus mix on roast

Butter on top of roast

Drained pepperoncini all around the roast

Now here comes the hard part – plug crock pot in – put lid on – set on low – ignore for 8 hours – That was tough wasn’t it???

Did a little Jasmine rice with steamed veggies in the with the rice – the truly hard part is trying not to eat the entire thing – OH MY GOD – ranks right up there with full auto on the range and somebody else is buying the ammo – IT’S THAT GOOD !!

Throw it together Friday morning – come home and cook the rice – steam the veggies or do the rice and veggies the night before and re-heat in the microwave – one of the best come home to a crock pot things I have ever tried . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are not the only thing I cook!!

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