A whole bunch of Random for your Friday!!

WTF? – You can’t make this shit up . . .


Still with me??

Alrighty then – back to more randoms – LOL!!

Gun owners being “taken care of” in Bernie’s Utopia . . .

And let’s not forget about bloomies fuck toy Ralphie – I am quite sure he and his legislature masturbates to images just like this dancing around in their fucking heads . . .

Don’t give up yet – stay awake – LMAO!!

Maybe some bacon???


Awww . . .

A little gun porn . . .


Amazing what just shy of 6,000 lbs of powder going bang can do . . . at 23 miles – every 30 seconds . . .

I really gotta run – alright – stagger and stumble – couple of firearm reviews – strip that Winchester – order some parts – crawl through a couple of pawn shops – and on and on and on – and this pretty much sums if up for me today . . .

And here we are – at the end . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are cheap!!

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