F-101 Voodoo

Could not find a lot – but here’s some stuff –

The Voodoo was to be a penetration fighter as well as an interceptor but with the B-52 entering service SAC lost interest in the aircraft – The Voodoo went on to be used with Air Defense Command’s SAGE system – Semi Automatic Ground Environment – the Voodoo soldiered on until the late 70’s with Air National Guard units and into the early 80’s with the Canadian Air Force – it was also quite capable as a reconnaissance platform – a lot of the work done during the Cuban Missile Crisis was done with it as well as a tremendous amount during the Vietnam war.

The top photo below is an interceptor variant – the bottom one is a reconnaissance platform – the nose modification for the camera bay was very distinct . . .


A decent WIKI page on the Voodoo is HERE – folks – there is a big pile of “stuff” on SAGE out there so it is going to take a little time to paw through it and put it into a post ( or two – or three ) but I’m working on it – right now it looks like two posts – but you never know . . . There is so much out there on SAGE – the actual “computer” took up 22,000 square feet of floor space – not including support equipment !! Piece of trivia for you folks –

The computer “stuff” – the work stations – the banks of flashing lights etc. – were a few bits and pieces of an AN/SQ-7 computer – totally obsolete and already replaced in 1966 – There is a post coming up on the DEW Line and then one on the Pinetree Line – which both tied into SAGE. All I can say is stay tuned . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Not only are Fish Heads Cheap but that high end laptop you watch cat videos on has far more capability than an AN/SQ-7!!

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