F102 Delta Dagger

The first of the SAGE System interceptors . . .

And then there’s this . . .

The F-102 was the first supersonic AND delta winged interceptor – except as produced the YF-102 ( the prototypes ) just couldn’t quite make it! – .98 mach was just about it. . . Transonic Drag was higher than expected – the transonic drag rabbit hole is HERE – pretty interesting in a dry sorta way. To overcome the issue the design team applied a recently discovered “thing” called area rule – and that rabbit hole is HERE – it was applied to the YF-102A prototypes and it pretty much worked for them. Convair then began modifying existing air-frames and incorporating those changes into further production models – Convair ended up with a pretty decent production run once the kinks were worked out – right at 1000 were made! Pilots really liked the smooth ride of both the delta wings Convair made for the century series – the 102 and the 106 – because of the wing loading of the delta – and that rabbit hole is HERE – say Hi to Alice for me . . . Here are a couple of pics for you . . .

Cruising . . .


a pair on take off – note the drop tanks . . .


and let it all hang out . . .


And fair warning about rabbit holes – the F-102 has app. 5 tons (10,000 lbs) of tubes and “stuff” ( avionics for you normal folks ) that literally made the aircraft an integral part of the SAGE system – when the SAGE posts drop – we are going down the rabbit hole – and through the “looking glass” – just letting you know in advance – LMAO!!

Damned I don’t see Alice anywhere – or do I ???


Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap and Causality Numbers are inconsequential until you get to Triple Digit Megadeaths!! ( Fair warning – make popcorn and get a carbonated adult beverage before following the link – sleep well tonight!! – LMAO )

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