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Speaker “Alzheimers” Pelosi: Brazen Criminal


Last night, Speaker of the House Pelosi indulged in a bit of petty political grandstanding. She methodically ripped up the State of the Union report which Trump had handed her prior to his address.

Nancy Pelosi tore up President @realDonaldTrump ‘s speech on camera! Zero respect for our President.

Is she bitter that he didn’t shake her hand?#StateOfTheUnion #SOTU #Pelosi #PelosiTear #Trumpspeech #Trump2020 pic.twitter.com/mmt4pODLos

— Big Dan Rodimer (@DanRodimer) February 5, 2020

Most folks seem to see this as either dissing the Prez, or standing up to the Orangeman Bad, depending largely on party affiliation. I see it as a violation of 44 U.S. Code § 3106. Unlawful removal, destruction of records.

A lot of people forget that the SOTU address isn’t the real Constitutionally-required SOTU report. It’s just a speech. Presidents didn’t even do the speech until Woodrow Wilson decided it would be a great PR move. The formal report is the document Trump handed her.

Some may wish to argue that the papers were merely a transcript of the speech and not the report. But that was still a formal document presented to Congress by the President of the United States, a public record. She destroyed it. That’s a crime.

Best case for Pelosi is that she’s too far gone mentally to understand that she’s not supposed to destroy records. In that case, she needs to be removed from office for mental incompetence.

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