“A Hazy Shade of Winter” – Now what to do??

When it is nasty and cold and you just don’t want to get out side – What to do???

I know !!

Hmmm . . . 3000 plus rounds of 5.56 – stripper clips – some empty mags – cardboard sleeves – a new Caldwell loader to play with – I believe brothers and sisters – I believe – LMAO !! – I believe I can manage to stay out of the weather and trouble for a little bit at least . . .

Freedom Pills . . .

Actual clips – and the even come with spoons!!

Cardboard sleeves – each one holds three filled stripper clips – 30 rounds – just enough to fill a standard capacity magazine here in America – Can you folks being held behind enemy lines even buy stripper clips??

Oh well – on with the show . . . on one end of the stripper clip – bend the little tab up so the freedom pill doesn’t slide right on through –

Above – how it comes out of the package – below – how it needs to be . . .

Then you slide the freedom pills in the clip – holds 10 . . .

Then make sure that the tabs are bent correctly on both ends . . .

The tab is not bent correctly !! You don’t want to drop any freedom pills!! – It doesn’t take a lot of pressure – push on one end – flip it and push on the other – and Bingo – it’s all good!!

Watch close now –

Pretty little freedom pills all in a row . . .

Alrighty then – You remember the little cardboard sleeves??

Ain’t they pretty??

Just another 2000 rounds to go and this batch will be done – a carbonated adult beverage ( and a wee bit of non-carbonated adult beverage ) then on to the next 3000 rounds . . .

And I will leave you with this . . .

And just for shits and grins . . .

BLOATBuy Lots Of Ammo Today !! ‘Tis is a far – far better thing to have 25,000 rounds of ammo prepped and not need it than to need it and not have it !!

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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