Pawnshop Crawl

Got a little block of time freed up the other day and spent a morning doing a little crawl through a few pawnshops . . .No real eye catchers or must haves as far as firearms but I ran across several holsters over at GGGPawn – I don’t know where Doug comes up with this stuff but he manages to do it . . .

Picked up three holsters . . .

A real nice Clament holster for the S&W Shield 9/40 . . .

A Galco Miami Classic – obviously for a 1911 . . .

And a Simply Rugged Sour Dough Pancake to fit my Uberti’s . . .

Ended up at 80 dollars for all three – Folks I’m telling you – Doug has more deals on more stuff – great selection on guns – he will consider just about any reasonable offer on anything – don’t be ridiculous with an offer – remember also some things have more room than others – as for Doug’s stuff on Gunbroker – Click Here – and he has a lot more stuff that he doesn’t list on Gunbroker – slip over to GGGPawn @ 3724 s 132nd st and CHECK IT OUT!!

If you are not in the area and see something on his Gunbroker listings you’re interested in – you can call him or e-mail him and ask about it – I have eye balled and or handled ( and bought! – LOL ) a bunch of his stuff and it’s all good stuff – no surprises – no drama – just straight up great deals on good merchandise !! So trot your happy ass over there and check it out . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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