Random Thursday

There are folks that will do this for you at gun shops – or so I’ve been told . . .

God Bless America!! – that must be about a thousands bucks of ammo going down range!! – Sweet!!

Although Rush is a wee bit to the left of center for my political tastes I do listen to him once in a while for entertainment – I hope he comes out of this alright . . .

I’m thinking about getting one of these labor saving beer opening thingies – what do y’all think ??

Well – you know what this means . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads and congress critters are Cheap!! – at least according to bloomfuck – he bought 41 of them and admitted to it on national television – no longer a canidate ?? – guess he will just go back to sedition and conspiracy to commit sedition . . . You have to wonder why he bailed so suddenly ?? Do you think it was the video clip he was shown from the pedo island adventure series – starring none other than the mayor himself ?? – that would qualify as midget porn – wouldn’t it ?? – just asking for a friend . .

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