This just released by NOW 8 NEWS . . .

What are we going to do ???? It’s the end of western civilization !!!!

Updates as they become available – we’re all in this together !!

Had y’all didn’t I ?? Folks – if you can’t take a fucking joke what in the wide – wide world of sports are you doing here ??? And not just this little corner of the web – Deep breath – Relax – you are taking this shit way too serious – HINT : you are not getting out of this alive – 100 years from right now it really won’t make any difference – Better now?? It’s almost like a test run for a comrade bernie version of venezuela right here in the US – can’t travel without permission – no gathering in over groups of 10 – ( something had to be done to stop the Trump Rallies !! – DAMN Bruce !! – you went there ?? Yes . . . Yes I Did ) no food or basic staples on the shelves at the grocery stores – Sweet Bearded Seven Pound Baby Jesus you have been told for years and years and years that without resupply there is only 24 to 72 hours worth of shit at the grocery store !!! You just woke up TODAY for the FIRST time in how MANY YEARS ???? Glad you’re here – Good Morning – Hi – How are You ? – do you even know what fucking planet you are on ???

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Not only are Fish Heads Cheap but those fucks on the TV have been lying to you – are lying to you – and will continue to lie to you !!

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