Are we having Fun Yet?

Just putting this out there – if it helps somewhere down the line – great – if not – great – just saying – anybody got any idea what all this usb / freq stuff means??? – SKY KING – SKY KING – DO NOT ANSWER … TIME … AUTHENTICATION … I SAY AGAIN – SKY KING – SKY KING – DO NOT . . . and so on down the rabbit hole – say Hi to Alice when you meet . . .

Net Name – COVID Watch Net Pri Freq – 14.308Mhz USB (yep that 308)
Sec Freq – 14.311Mhz USB (Up 3Khz)**
Alt Freq – 14.314Mhz LSB (up 3Khz)**
Start time – 2200Z Fri 13 Mar (Fri 1700 CDT) All stations be prepared to relay. **Net Control Station (NCS) moves to Sec Freq if Pri freq is occupied or splatter is occurring at the NCS location. In the event the Sec freq is occupied or is unworkable continue up to Alt frequency. If Sec freq is used start time will be 2205z and if conditions require the Alt freq use then start time will be 2210z. Minor adjustments in freq may be required based on freq usage by other operators or other nets.

End of Comm Plan


Good [time of day], this is the COVID Watch net. This is an open net and ALL appropriately-licensed amateur radio operators are welcome to participate. This is a directed net and your net control this evening is [CALLSIGN], my name is [NAME], and I am located in [State]. When checking in please use standard PHONETICS for your callsign and provide your State or locality. At this time do we have any stations with EMERGENCY or PRIORITY traffic, come now with your callsign.


This net is conducted in furtherance of Title 47 Part 97.1 of Federal Telecomm Regulations. The purpose of the net is to collect and disseminate information on YOUR current local conditions relative to the health hazard known as COVID-19, or “Corona Virus.” When reporting information from your area please do NOT use personal names. Any accurate information on supply chain shortages, quarantines, and number of new hospital cases is desired.


Because this is a new net, a permanent net frequency and time has not yet been established. As such this net will meet weekly on various anticipated clear frequencies on either the 75m, 40m or 20m bands. At times we may be found a bit up or down of our anticipated operating frequency depending on band usage.

Checkins will be taken by the area number in the station callsign. If you do not hear your callsign after a Net Control readback and traffic session please attempt your checkin again.

There are a few general items that will help the net flow better so please comply with the following:

– When passing traffic ONLY provide known accurate information from your area

– If you are just checking in to listen, indicate “No Traffic” after your call

– Stations running low power should let Net Control know so they can be contacted expeditiously

– This is a voice net and as such, ‘Q’ signals should not be needed.

With that, this is [CALLSIGN], Net Control for the COVID Watch Net, and I’ll now take general check-ins, using standard phonetics please.

[Call for and log checkins using callsign number either singly or in groups]

–Any station with a 1 or 2 or 3 in the callsign come now.

Are there any more stations with a 1 or 2 or 3 in their callsign?

–Now taking stations with a 4 or 5 callsign, come now.

Are there any more stations with a 4 or 5 callsign?

–Now taking stations with a 6 or 7 callsign. Come now.

Are there any more stations with a 6 or 7 callsign?

–Now taking stations with an 8 or 9 or 0 in the callsign. Come now.

Are there any more stations with an 8 or 9 or 0 callsign?

–Are there any relays?

Do I have any stations willing to make relay calls for the net?
[If no volunteers then ask the Strong Signals]

[AFTER having a couple of relay stations make some calls for you to see if there are any others to vacuum up, you can close the net.]

One final call for any late checkins before I close the net. Any station anywhere?

Hearing none, that concludes this session of the COVID Watch Net. I’d like to thank all who checked-in, as well as my relays [name them by call if you want].

This is [CALLSIGN] and the COVID Watch Net is clear.

From Here – Click through if you’re curious . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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