A Nice Quiet Evening . . .

Ammo shortage ???? Really ?? What amazes me is people are running around trying to buy a box – or really stock up – buy two boxes of ammo and they are all screwed up mentally that they can’t just run out and buy a hundred rounds of 9mm for their end of the world prep – well folks I don’t want to trigger you ( yes I am laughing my ass off ! ) writing this but if you have not stashed “it” yet – you are more than likely fucked – Don’t care what “it” is – toilet paper – canned goods – dried milk – cigarettes – beer – whiskey – cash – a 5 gallon can of gas – you’re probably fucked !!

Maybe you should look beyond 5 or 10 minutes from now and possibly plan ahead – yes – humanity will survive this attempt to remove Trump from office as well as the next one – so what should you do after the dust settles ??

First and foremost – do everything humanly possible to remove yourself and your family from the communist enclaves and move to the United States – I urge you to get out of the communist shit holes – california – new york – new jersey – washington state and the distict of columbia – I may have missed a few . . . Preppers have been lambasted for years -laughed at – openly ridiculed – Question for YOU – Who the fuck is laughing NOW !?!?

Second – Arm yourself and become proficient with your choices – it doesn’t make any sense to incur debt to “gear” up – 10 or 15 bucks a week adds up – already have a firearm or two – or three – or four – they are no good without ammo!! – a box of 9mm every other week adds up to 1300 rounds of ammo a year – I assure you after 40 + years of stashing it does add up !! . . .

Third – Acquire skill sets that have value and practical use – basic plumbing – electrical – construction – Could you build a weather resistant structure that you and yours could survive in ?? / not talking about a frigging mansion but just a basic house – can you cook and not poison yourself or others – can you step out into the woods and the weeds ANY time of the year and be comfortable for 2 weeks with what you are able to carry with you ???

Fourth – maybe this should have been first – turn that fucking tv off – all you are watching is lying liars lying – period. full. stop.

Fifth – or first or . . . pay debt down -generally if you have not just bought your house you can “get out” of it and make a few bucks or more depending on how long you been paying on it.

It doesn’t take hundreds of dollars of equipment to reload – the Lee you see here is about 35 bucks – sitting here Friday night listening to Johnny Dollar I built 42 rounds of 45 Colt – gonna pick up one for 38 special – got about 400 used cases stashed – a few nights and I’m 400 rounds ahead of the 2200 factory loads I’m sitting on – to put ammo shit in perspective – I only have one full size 6 shot K Frame 38 and a pair of 5 shot J Frames . . .

Any guesses as to what the satanic fucks commie cocksuckers democrats are going to pull out their collective asses next to throw at Trump ?? – I planned ahead – I have plenty of popcorn – LMAO!

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember to try and plan for more than 12 minutes from now – And Don’t Forget that Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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