Here is the Far-Left Wish List Nancy Pelosi Just Blew Everything Up For

As previously reported, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi came back to Washington D.C. last night after a week long recess and blew up days of emergency relief work done by the Senate. She wants to write her own far left bill and now we know what will be in it. 

According to a source close to the process on Capitol Hill, in order to move forward with any kind of relief package, Pelosi and her far-left Democrat caucus will demand the following be included: 

I urge each of you to go to TOWNHALL.COM and read the article . Quite enlightening . . .


Make no mistake – YOU are being held hostage by these “people” . . .

And you just thought that corona beer virus thingie is dangerous . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are not only Cheap – but are far too good for some “people”!!

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