In case you were wondering what Nancy did during the congressional break last week . . .

Just for YOUR information – one of the tid bits that the great and powerful wizard san fran nan has put in the unemployment portion of her robbery of you life and lifestyle is 600 dollars a week – clear money – unemployment benefits – who is going to want to go back to work for anything less than 20 to 21 dollars an hour?? The one thing no communist sumbitch has been able to answer yet – if 15 dollars an hour minimum wage is good – well fuck me sports fans – let’s make it GREAT !! Fifteen Hundred an hour minimum – let’s not stop at Great – Let go straight to Fan-fucking-tastic – Fifteen Thousand Dollars an Hour minimum wage – What possible negative effect could that ever have??? . . .

Robert Heinlein: “Stupidity is a crime and the sentence is always death.”

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads may be Cheap – BUT folks are about to find out the deliberate and wanton destruction of this nation will come at a price they won’t or don’t want to pay!!

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