A Couple from HRFUNK on Pistol Malfunctions

A simple tip for a RIGHT handed shooter and the 1911 platform – keep your right thumb on the safety – two reasons – First : the pistol was designed to be shot in that manner, at the time it came into service – cavalry meant horses and bouncing around on them – not riding in a helicopter – it is impossible to get your thumb under the safety and push it up by accident if your thumb is on top of it . . . Second : if your thumb is on top of the safety your support hand tends to move back to “fill the space” and moves your support hand thumb out of the way of the slide stop – that damned P word again – PRACTICE! – then PRACTICE some more – then PRACTICE again – ad infinitum – seek professional training – and yes the trainer should be well versed in the 1911 platform as they are different than striker fired pistols.

Want to fuck up your “fire control group” on a 1911?? – the sear and associated parts ?? It’s quite simple – drop the slide repeatedly without picking a round up out of the magazine and chambering it – the weight ( mass ) of the cartridge slows the slide velocity enough so the internals don’t bounce or “jar” and damage themselves. Just a hint for you – if you buy a display model 1911 – especially in 45acp – plan on replacing the fire control group as repeated slide drops will turn a decent trigger pull into junk . . .

In case you are wondering about HRFUNK”s apparent difference between the two videos –

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and Remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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