Best use of a QUICK 50RDS of TRAINING !

So . . . now you bought your gun – even managed to buy some ammo with it . . . You have figured out what the 4 basic rules of gun safety are . . . got a handle on manipulation of it / loading / unloading / loading and unloading magazines etc. – Why Hell’s Bells Bruce I’ve even shot it and “stuff” – yesterday I couldn’t spell responsible firearm owner – Today I are one . . .

Well folks you are just getting started – gun ownership is a lot like buying a car . . . You pay your money and away you go. Cars are simple -anybody can run into a telephone pole – ask me how I know that!! – LMAO . . . gas in your car = ammo for gun / wash your car = clean your gun / practice driving = practice shooting – you get the idea . . .

This quick little video features Lena Miculek – Jerry’s daughter ( after watching her mannerisms and listening to her speech patterns there is simply no way Jerry can deny that Lena is not his girl ) showing you how to have a good practice session with 50 rounds and a place to shoot – you can even adapt this to an indoor range by simply selecting the right target. BE AWARE – some ranges require you to be “DFH” – Draw From Holster qualified – so please check – ok?? Today is never a good day to give a range safety officer a stroke !! – Let’s watch the video!!

Just love watching her “stuff” . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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