Whatcha gonna do when the woke mob comes for you?

Thank you shout out to Breitbart News for the title for this . . .

Cops cancelled after 33 years – LIVEPD, the number one show on television – gone. . .

Cops never lacked for ratings – advertisers paid good money for 33 years to have their products promoted on it – LIVEPD was simply an ad execs wet dream – they had audiences that watched EVERY episode. The problem that both became??? They showed too much reality – not enough black males beaten, shot, killed by police malfeasance etc. The did not fit the fantasy narrative that ALL police are bad ALL the time . . .

Folks – they are pissing away 2 incredibly large piles of money so that the carefully crafted programming that is being installed into your brain won’t be disturbed – Turn that fucking TV off . . .

Amazing as FUCK – all this bullshit just to divert your attention from OBAMAGATE !!

And before you react to this post – GO HERE and read the article – then THINK – yeah I know . . . but there is at least three of you that aren’t here for just the tit and ass pics – alright, two of you . . .

I will end this post with this . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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