A little Range Stuff – besides the Hogue Grips

I really am going to have to start using my real camera – damn cellphone just does not work sometimes . . .

Besides playing with the Hogue grips at the Inner10 we got a little range work first – started my blushing bride cold with transitions ( yeah I know – but she is starting to realize that first / second / third shot has to be there ) – as close to one second splits as she could get them . . .

The double taps she did great on – second shot was fired when she had a sight/target picture and did not worry about in the box -scoring rings etc. – used a silhouette target – simply acquire the sight/target picture and send it – she is starting to realize the less she thinks about all the “stuff” ( grip – perfect sight alignment – holding her tongue just right – the rotation of the earth and so on . . . ) other than send the next one down the line the better she does – some of her splits were less than a second – she’s getting there . . .

Now let me ask YOU – Have you been to the range this week?? If YOU could not make the range – did YOU practice dry firing? Draw and presentation and re-holstering??

There are a lot of manipulation techniques YOU can practice without going to the range – REMEMBER to be borderline OCD about safety – NO live ammo in the same room!! Be safe out there -OK??

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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