Exposing the Occult Corona-Initiation Ritual

Click on the teaser text below and go read the article . . .

The entire world is participating in an occult corona-initiation ritual, although hardly anyone will realize it. The measures and policies which governments have rolled out worldwide ever since Operation Coronavirus began – such as quarantine, lockdown, hand-washing, mask-wearing, social distancing and more – are in fact aspects of occult initiation ritual. These aspects have been cleverly adapted to the current fake pandemic and disguised as genuine public health strategies.

And now Dr Fucky ( How do YOU pronounce that satanical fuck’s name?? ) is saying we need to wear eye covering . . . Now we are going to allow ourselves to be hoodwinked????

How long until YOU and YOUR’S are led into box cars to go to the covid cure camp – now when you get there take your clothes off and leave them in the pile – to be disinfected of course – and hurry into the “showers” so we can disinfect YOU and begin the “cure” process . . .

Wake the fuck up people . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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