Urban Carry G3 Holster Review – Thanks Kent . . .

I had thought about these on several occasions but never could talk myself into buying one – Kent said he was going to try it – and he would be willing to write a review that I could post – So here we are . . . and Kent – a Big Thank You for the review . . .

From Urban Carry’s web site
From Urban Carry’s web site

This is a review of the Urban Carry G3, Colonel size.
The company got it out to me pretty quickly. It was nicely packed in a little cloth bag. I loved the new leather smell. It looks well-made. The leather seems good quality and is a good thickness for the purpose. I’d say about 3/32″ thick. The holster seemed smaller than I had feared, so that was good.
I placed my handgun inside it, and adjusted the trigger guard catch. So far, so good.
The instructions say to wear the holster empty for a few days, so I did. It needs to get broken in; I helped that along by working the leather with my hands when I wasn’t wearing it.
Even empty I can tell it would conceal better if I wore baggier pants, but I knew that going in. That’s not my biggest problem.
I put the gun in the holster and tested it out inside my pants. Standing still, the gun is pretty well concealed. But standing still is all I can do with the gun holstered.
The handgun– a full-size 1911 (I know, I know)– rests right where my leg bends when I walk or sit– right in the groin. Not a good situation. I can’t even walk well, much less sit, with that area basically blocked from bending. I can hobble along like an old Western sidekick, but I’d rather not unless I’m auditioning for such a part.
I even tried a snub-nosed revolver in the holster and had the exact same problem. So it’s not the size of the gun that’s the issue.
I watched all their instructional videos to see if this is a common problem. It must not be since none of their videos addressed it.
Their instructions say the gun should lie along the front of your thigh, below the bend. Mine is riding at least 3 or 4 inches too high. I suspected I wear my pants too high for this holster to work properly. Part of my problem may be related to my height: I’m 6’2″ or 3″ and most of that is legs.
So I emailed Urban Carry for advice. They wanted to know what model handgun I carry and they wanted a photograph of my lap to see where my pants bend– supposedly. Pervs. (I’m joking!)
After careful review, they reminded me that they post a warning about the difficulties of carrying a full-sized handgun– which I already understood and wasn’t asking about– and told me I wear my pants too high. Which is what I suspected they would say.
I gave them a little advice about including a warning about how important the height you wear your pants is to the functioning of this holster. We’ll see if they take my advice.
So, this holster is a good idea. It may work well for people carrying a reasonable-sized handgun who also wear their pants low. I’m going to experiment to see if I can make it work but I’m not optimistic about that.  I may try lowering my suspenders a bit to see if that helps. I’m not sure I can lower my pants that much without looking or feeling like a gangsta boy.
There are always more things to consider than you think there are, especially with concealed carry holsters. Try to think of what you haven’t considered. Good luck!

Kent ran straight into my point of concern with the Urban Carry holster line – If you don’t wear your pants low enough so the top of the gun is “below the fold” – it is simply not going to work – when sitting look where your belt is compared to where the fold at the top of your thigh is – the belt has to be right “there” on top of the fold for this to work – basically you are doing the hip hugger thing or your pants are going to be too high and the gun is going to be “in the fold” so to speak – and the gun won’t fold!

To their credit Urban Carry customer service was responsive but there was no real resolution to the problem – body type and how the pants are generally worn – the holster just didn’t work for Kent . . .

Y’all need to check out Kent’s sites – KentforLiberty.com and DullHawk.com – Good Stuff to be found on both . . .

Go to urbancarryholsters.com and check them out – they may very well have what YOU are looking for . . .

And Kent – don’t apologize for the 1911 – Remember there are only 3 types of handguns in the entire world – That which John Moses Browning brought down to us mere mortals from Mt. Sinai / The 1911 – Smith & Wesson Wheel guns – and the rest . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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