20 Minutes of Joe Biden

This is real Joe – not an actor or a parody – You really have to ask yourself “Why no debates?” – I guess they don’t want to embarrass Donald Trump . . .

Now on to this . . .

Are you starting to realize why there is a movement afoot to normalize pedophilia – c’mon folks – old pedo Joe has been doing this his entire public life – in front you – me – God and everybody and it is simply not addressed by the media – wake the fuck up people – the satanists walk among us daily . . .

Do you ever wonder which drummer is providing the beat that these fucks are traveling to ??

And the lying liars lying – if the alleged media does not address an issue – it becomes a non issue . . .

Almost like the entire thing is scripted – designed to divide us . . . You think??

Damn Bruce – are you in a rant mood today?? – Yes I am – I need to go to the chicken ranch and shoot/blow up some shit – First : fill it with gasoline . . . Thanks Uncle Rob! You sir are an inspiration to us all . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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