Some Random Thoughts #1

Something different – no memes – no links – no music – something just simply for your reading and consideration . . .

Fanaticism erects its own cruel and remorseless nature into a vindictive and persecuting God. It is the active, and Superstition the passive phase of one and the same disease. So long as Superstition rules the masses, Fanaticism will be as savage and as brutal as ever. To make up its character, vanity, self-conceit, selfishness and lust of power are combined. It is the true serpent with many heads. To make proselytes and expatriate dissenters, it has slaughtered millions of human beings and shed rivers of blood. Its spirit still lives, active and vigorous everywhere. It seems to be an essential element of human nature. Even in a Republic where the Church and State are divorced, where the Temples are built, and the teachers of religion maintained by voluntary contributions, Fanaticism walks boldly in daylight, not paralytic, but stout and strong. Denied the rack, the gallows and the stake, it curses and excommunicates, and teaches those of one sect to hate those of another. It makes political questions out of social and religious ones, turns the pulpit into a tribune, and preaches a new crusade against men of the same race and blood and part of the same People. It exists among all sects; for there is nothing which man is so reluctant to forgive as a religious opinion in rebellion against his own.

If you recognize this paragraph – or if you recognize what it is from – or who penned it – I am impressed – I will try to get several different paragraphs posted now and then – feet up and reading is one thing – putting it into a post is something else entirely . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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