Masks Anyone ?? All Hail Satan!!

Metro Nashville Council Member Wants People Not Wearing a Mask to Be Charged with Murder or Attempted Murder

Go to the Tennessee Star and read it for your self – I ain’t making this shit up folks – I admit to a perverted sense of humor but damn – even I can’t keep up . . .

If you don’t participate in our Satanic Ritual Initiation – then you must surely die . . .

My My – The Satanists are certainly crawling out of the woodwork – or would that be wormwood???

I would ask that you folks go to Michael Z. Williamson’s site and read some TRUTH about masks – MASK?? – You’re fucking kidding me – “IF” this Wahoo Flu was not released on the Satanists in the demon – cratic party’s orders – then it got loose from a LEVEL 4 Bio-Weapons Lab and your mask WILL DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING with preventing its spread and EVERYTHING TO DO with conditioning your mind . . .

Science folks – not smoke and mirrors and bull shit . . .

And just exactly what are you being infected with when you are being “tested”?? – since there are multiple documented instances where unused swabs are simply put in the shipping tube – sent off – and come back positive – Oh come on Bruce – No one would do that – Really?? If it gave you and yours the opportunity to enslave this entire planet for generations to come – assuming this was your goal of course – would you even hesitate?? – You are a special kind of stupid to trust any of these creatures . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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