Quick Wednesday Range Report

Sorry no pics – I’ll explain that in a moment . . .

My blushing bride had a real good day of it – burned through 50 rounds of 38 wadcutters and just short of 100 rounds of 9mm -She would not let me take pics of the targets because ” I can do better than that and I won’t let you post this stuff – it’s not good enough ” – Heh Heh – I got that bug stuck in her head pretty solid – she actually did damn good but she wasn’t happy with it – she realizes she can do better – I have a feeling we are headed back up to the range today or tomorrow . . .

Bruce – aren’t you ashamed of yourself – sticking stuff like that in her head?? Hell NO!! – She understands that she CAN do better and what it will take to do better – and she is her hardest critic – PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE – she realizes that is what it takes . . .

So let me ask YOU – Have YOU been to the range this week? – No ammo to spare?? – I understand that but – Did YOU practice draw from concealment 70 times in the past week? – Did YOU clean your carry piece this week? ( dust bunnies and pocket lint will set up light housekeeping in a hurry! ) – Did YOU sharpen your carry knife this week? – Did YOU sort through your ammo and figure out exactly what you have on hand and what YOU need to find? – And if it has been in your firearm for 6 months did YOU change out the ammo in your carry piece?

Now I get to clean guns – haven’t got her into that yet . . . She sure was liking her some CZ 2075 RAMI trigger time . . . and she is eyeing a CZ75 B with the purple aluminum grips pretty seriously – it’s fun to watch someone in the throes of their first gun “crush” – LMAO!!

Oh My! Aero Precision 7 1/2 inch barrel and a lower pistol completion kit . . . I wonder where that’s heading . . .

I’d like to stay and play but I have “stuff” to do – So . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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