My Blushing Bride Fell in Love – and I Laughed – NOT to her Face . . .

When we went and poked holes in paper the other day – she spied this . . .

Hi Polish Stainless CZ75B with purple grips – She had seen it multiple times and never paid any attention to it and then one of the guys stuck the purple grips on it . . .

She’s like – Oh My! – Can I See IT? – Can I handle/fondle IT? – She looked at me and said IT’S talking to me! ( I’m glad it happened to her – now maybe she will stop giving me a hard time – right . . . ) – IT wants to come live at our house etc. etc. She finally understands that these poor guns ALL need a good – loving – caring – nurturing home . . . I had to laugh – BUT NOT to her face – I AM NOT suicidal . . . I told her that it sure looked good AND she made it look even better – Come on folks – I was not going to discourage her – I am an enablerIf YOU can’t decide which gun?? – Without any hesitation whatsoever I will tell you – Buy Them Both!!

She is really pleased with herself – especially when she got to doing some research and found out CZ stopped producing the ” Hi Polish ” in 2019 – whatever is left out there in the wilds is it.

I think I may have another “guest” review here in the next few days – LMAO!

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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