Modern Marvels: DOOMSDAY Technology

Get your popcorn ready – Check – Get your favorite carbonated ( or non-carbonated !! ) adult beverage ready – Check . . . and Enjoy . . . While you are watching this ask yourself how do I ride this out and respond to it ( in a military fashion ) – CBNWChemical / Biological / Nuclear / Warfare is a mother fucker . . . Nukes – just don’t be anywhere close and upwind – you might get lucky – but in the case of a command / control site you don’t have the luxury of bugging out – chemical / biological – good fucking luck – some of that shit is NOT pretty – makes a nuke look like a walk in the park. Right behind this post we will take a look at some bunker stuff – or how to dig a better hole in the ground – or in the case of DUCC into solid bedrock somewhere in the neighborhood of 4500 feet or so below ground level . . . amazingly enough after about 60 years “some” stuff is actually showing up about DUCC on the web – all kinda tongue in cheek – Can you believe the government was actually considering this?? – or – almost making fun of the proposal . . . what better way to discredit it and make YOU think it was just a pie in the sky pipe dream – Anyway – Enjoy this and remember that everything you see here was defended against – you can do damn near anything when you can just pour money on it!

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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