Take a few minutes to watch Clint Smith . . .

Then go to The Truth About Guns < click for their home page > or click below to go to the article by Jeff Gonzales . . .

To Learn to Shoot Faster, You Have to Slow it Down by Jeff Gonzales . . .

If you want to reap the harvest, you have to first work the land. As in all things, improving your shooting — and shooting faster, in particular — comes from disciplined effort, practiced on a regular basis. Understanding Speed Shooting fast is a combination of two factors, economy of motion and flawless execution. That’s it. […]


Start as slow as you must to have it happen “RIGHT” every time – ALL of it has to happen the SAME WAY EVERY TIME – the grip on the gun – the draw – the presentation – the sight/target picture – the trigger pull – the recoil management – all of it – and then do it again and again -repeating it and incrementally increasing the speed – What does it take to achieve consistency??


Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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