Modern Marvels: Insanely Powerful Electricity – Mad Electricity – A look at Nicola Tesla – Man out of Time

Tesla was as strange as they came – Suggestion for you folks – find every book you can ( some of them will be library use only – they will come to your local library but you can’t take them home and read them – you can only read them in the library! ) and read – yeah I know – printed books – over roughly 10 months I read through approximately 90 textbooks referencing Tesla – at about 34 minutes into the video they reference frequency induction on structures . . . Tesla believed EVERYTHING has a “frequency” – and EVERY place has a “frequency” AND every moment in TIME has a “frequency” – if you think about that for any length of time – you realize why Tesla was never allowed to succeed . . . They reference Tesla Motors and tout it’s 200 mile range using a motor that Nicola Tesla designed – had Nicola Tesla been allowed to succeed the car would run forever off of the magnetic field of the planet – Hell of a thought when you realize had Tesla succeeded with his development of “frequency induction” you wouldn’t need the cars – the trucks – the planes – the trains – pretty sure that’s what he figured out . . .

Anyway – Enjoy the Video . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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