It’s that Time of the Season @ The Chicken Ranch

It is the “TIME OF THE SEASON” at the chicken ranch – besides all the important stuff that goes on at the chicken ranch – drinking beer – shooting – heady and profound discussions that offer solutions to ALL the worldly problems we face – and having a hoot of a time with the kids AND playing with Oliver ( A shout out to YOU buddy! ) there comes a special “Time of the Season” . . .

In case you are wondering – It’s called “bearding” – the bees are staying cool . . .

NEVER disturb a PRO at work . . . Although some claim he’s disturbed enough already he seems perfectly normal to ME!!

Might put a post together showing ALL the machinations involved one fine “season” – but for now I will leave you with this . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Not only are Fish Heads Cheap but they are even better with HONEY drizzled all over them!!

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