GUNSMARTS WITH JULIE GOLOB : 10 Tips for Your First Time on the Range

From Julie Golob dot Com – CLICK HERE – to go there!!

If you’ve never shot a gun before and aren’t sure what to expect, let me set your mind at ease. First, it’s totally normal to be excited, nervous, and maybe even a little apprehensive. Shooting for the first time is not unlike riding a roller coaster. Chances are you’ll have a good amount of time to think about it all.

Heading to the theme park and waiting in line for the ride is not unlike driving to the range and walking up to the firing line. Time will seem to slow down as you climb into the roller coaster seat and get buckled in, or when you’re at the range, uncasing your firearm, grasping it safely and loading it.

At this point, you’re committed and the coaster’s wheels are chugging up that steep incline. The feeling can be the same as you line up the sights and begin to press the trigger. . . GO HERE FOR THE REST!

Folks – if your just getting “started” please go to her site – CLICK HERE – and read the articles and watch the videos – I realize ammo is HARD to find – but you need to get some practice time in – Guns ?? – not to be a smart ass but if you ain’t got it bought yet – good luck – just about all the “stuff” under a roughly 900 dollar price point is gone – some limited stuff is starting to show up – some stores are getting some S&W J frames in and some Kahr pistols are around – but it is real slim pickings out there . . .

However – that being said – there are still a lot of cowboy guns out here – for instance . . .

Now what in the wide wide world of sports did you do Bruce ??? Well . . . The poor darling was really feeling neglected and rejected – I mean there it was – all brand new and pretty in the display case – literally unloved . . .

So I gave it a good loving home environment . . . I grudgingly admit that it is one well put together revolver – had to clean a layer of preservative off of it – not quite cosmoline but it was all over it – Ruger really slathers it on . . . Two cylinders?? – Yes it’s a convertible!! – 9mm/38spl/357mag – first one I have had since my 1967 Corvair!! Hope to get the review put together this weekend for it . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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