An Inconvenient Truth

Big difference between the “died with” and “died of” numbers – the actual “died of” numbers are rapidly approaching the numbers of toddlers drowning in five gallon buckets of water and toilets yearly . . .

Ask yourself – WHY?? – WHY are we being subjected to compliance conditioning , at the very least / or Satanical Initiation Rituals if the TRUTH of it all was realized??? Obviously NOT over a pandemic as it is does not exist . . .

I have had several life long democrats in the past month tell me “Fuck this shit – these people are insane – I’m voting for Trump!” I simply tell them “Congratulations, you have just cashed your first reality check” . . .

Ask yourself when was the last time you saw anything ( that is intentional – a communist is a “thing” ) other than a young white commie fuck at a BLM “mostly peaceful protest” – Do you understand you are being programmed and led down a path?? Your thought processes are being PROGRAMMED into you??

Why isn’t Covid ravaging the Amish community? – That’s right – they don’t have televisions , , ,


Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – While you’re enjoying that wonderful Fish Head stew – TURN OFF THE FUCKING TV!!

And a reminder . . .

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