The More Things Change . . .

The famous “cover” by Barry McGuire –

And the original release by The Turtles . . .

Just so YOU understand – you are born on the “Eve of Destruction” and it is presented to you every four years at a minimum . . . That way you never STOP – THINK – And REALIZE that you are being programmed – it never fucking stops – and YOU never realize it until YOU break the cycle – most people cannot because they are literally “Lost in Space” if they don’t get their minute by minute dose of chaos and confusion and world ending dread inserted into their heads . . .

The more things change – the more they remain the same – NEWSFLASH !!! – It’s the same shit over and over – the packaging or the presentation or the flavor “may” be different – but it is the same SHIT – when you have politicians that have been in office 30 plus years and the only solution is re-elect ME and I will fix it!! – What in The Fuck have you been doing for 30 plus years ???

39 children rescued in Georgia – 20 ( thanks for the text – I fixed it ) 25 children rescued in Ohio – Have YOU NOTICED – The more people arrested for child sex trafficking by the U.S. Marshall’s service ( and as I understand it some of those arrested are singing in three part harmony ) the more bizarre the politicians and holly wood and the media have become – Why if I didn’t know better I would think that they are trying to divert your attention from something . . .

What could THAT be ???

Bottom Line – Turn Off The Fucking TV –

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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