The Tennessee Star puts another Center Field Hit into the Bleachers !!

Antifa Aren’t Revolutionaries -They Serve the Powers That Be . . .

Antifa rules the streets of Portland and sows chaos in many other American cities. Millions of Americans don’t like Antifa, but many struggle to figure out who these black-masked radicals really are.

Conservatives like to call Antifa “fascist” or the modern-day successor to the Ku Klux Klan. Liberals will insist either that Antifa is a nonexistent, right-wing fantasy or that they’re secret white supremacists out to discredit the “peaceful” protesters.

Conservatives and liberals both throw out terrible historical comparisons when discussing Antifa. Cable news talkers compare them to the American soldiers storming Omaha Beach on D-Day while conservatives view them as more like the Nazis fighting our boys.

It’s worth our time to explain what exactly Antifa is.

Click Through HERE for the rest of the article . . .

Very interesting article – but these oxygen thieves actually believe they are going to overthrow “the government” and establish their communist utopia. Michael Forest Reinoehl stated in his interview just prior to his timely death – something to the effect – when we establish our NEW COUNTRY Blah Blah Blah . . .

I had a conversation at big box retailer a couple of months back with 4 or 5 people watching the stupidity on display on the TV’s – I asked each one what they saw – ranged from people seeking “social” justice – whatever the fuck that is – to people generally fucking up – when asked what I saw I stated simply ” Bio Diesel and Fertilizer ” – I was actually amused how everyone took several steps back from me.

Everyone needs to realize the majority of these commie fucks are not going to simply go away. Biden Wins?? They are now empowered to kill us ( you – me ) for the sin of not believing as we should ( wrong think ) – If Trump Wins?? – They must now negate the election by killing us for committing two sins – wrong think +wrong vote . . .

Wow – either way it’s a Win/Win – It’s commie killing time!! Just short of a billion functional firearms and roughly 12 trillion rounds of ammunition – 70 % of the small arms on the fucking planet are owned by we the people – I have shot several late 1870’s Springfields that will put 405 grain Hard Cast on an 8 inch plate all day. at 300 yards. round after round. Yo commies fucks – they were used to kill buffalo – and there are literally thousands and thousands of just Springfields out here – as well as multiple millions of other surplus battle rifles – and the old smoke poles still work . . .

The video is a little long but you do get several views of the trash laying in the gutter waiting for the garbage truck . . .

What’s truly hilarious is NOW all of a sudden the commie fucks – demonrats – satanists – whatever you wish to call these creatures are wanting their pets to tone it down – it’s affecting our polling numbers!!

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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