Covid Cure Camps

The truly frightening part – millions of “programmed” individuals will rush to the train stations to get a spot in the boxcars so they can go “get the cure” . . .

Don’t worry folks – just remove all your clothing and jewelry and head into the showers so we can start the disinfection process – WAIT! – WHAT?? – WHERE HAVE WE HEARD THAT BEFORE??

The reason “they” want YOUR guns?? You can’t load an unwilling AND armed populace into box cars to go to the Covid Cure Camps . . .

Why do YOU think the west coast states are doing everything they can do disarm their populace???

Thought it through yet??

So the Chinese troop ships can have safe port facility’s to disembark their troops when they ( the chinese commie fucks ) “help” round up and take everybody to the camps to be “cured” – so they have a place to unload workers to manage the farms and take the food back to the west coast for transportation back to china – the major cities in this country will become liability’s at that point and . . . Eric Swalwell will then have his dream of nuking US cities come to fruition . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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