Black Lives Matter unveils ‘white shields’ tactic: use white people as meat shields

From The Post Millennial dot Com

The Rochester chapter of Black Lives Matter has started to make use of their “white shields”, a human wall of white protestors surrounding the black protestors and serving as human shields, ready to take a bullet for the cause.

Click HERE to go to the article . . .

I keep telling people I can’t make this Shit up – I think some of y’all are starting to believe me . . .

I spent over 4 1/2 hours talking to each one of my 3873 rounds of ready ammo ( already in magazines and stripper clips ) – they all assured me that they are not racist – white – black – green – yellow – purple – whatever – they simply don’t care what color the commie is – they are ALL ready to fulfill their individual and collective manifest destiny (s) – now I need to have that same Q & A with the 30k + rounds of my primary stash – AND the with my reserve stuff – a gun owners work is never done – LMAO!!

Don’t Forget!!

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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