Cutting the Deck – Card Dealing at the Chicken Ranch

The Chicken Rancher and Primitive Man decided to play “Go Fish” – now everybody knows after you shuffle the cards – you cut the cards . . .

Just didn’t quite make the next one . . .

A little card cutting at 50 yards – really good conditions – relatively calm air AND steady hands – the shooting lane really helps with light wind conditions . . .

It’s right at 50 yards from the muzzle to the wood frame – trust me, it doesn’t look any closer in person – if time and scheduling “work” I will try to get y’all a close look at the rifle – it’s pretty cool – and if the stars line up will try to get some 10 and 15 yard stuff with pistols done . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are cheap!!

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